The Native CDFI Network (NCN), founded in 2009, is the only national member coalition of Native CDFIs in the country. The NCN mission is to grow and strengthen Native CDFIs through policy advocacy, capacity building and access to capital that supports the economic prosperity of American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian communities. NCN is governed by a 9-member national board of directors elected by NCN members.

The Native CDFI Network Board of Directors approved the following policy priorities. These priorities were a direct result of member input at the NCN Policy Summit.

Adequate Capital Access by NCDFIs to Serve Native Peoples & Areas
  1. Increase NACA Program Appropriations to $30M to meet the Needs of NCDFIs and Native Communities.
  2. Establish a Native NMTC program for NCDFIs to Serve Indian Country at 10% of NMTC Appropriation.
  3. Adequately Fund Federal Loan Guarantee & Direct Lending Programs (HUD 184, USDA 502, BIA, etc) and implement approaches for NCDFIs to directly originate in Native Communities.
  4. Increase Appropriations to ANA, to establish a program for NCDFIs to grow economic prosperity.
Partnerships & Capacity of the NCDFI Industry to Serve Native Peoples & Areas
    1. Lease Processing by Department of Interior on Mortgages & Security Instruments
    2. Advance NCDFI methodologies to promote IEED Programming
    3. Advance NCDFI methodologies to promote Indian Education Goals with Department of Interior to improve Indian Country services
    1. Strengthen Criteria of NACA Program to Ensure NCDFIs are Native Missioned & Controlled
    2. Monitor Native American Tax Committee & Input Where Relevant
    3. Advance CRA regulatory updates to improved Indian Country services with U.S. Treasury CDFI Fund & Related Taxation Issues to improve Indian Country services
    1. Establish a National HUD Counseling Program for NCDFI Delivery
    2. Make Direct 502 Origination pilot permanent and national with HUD/USDA to improve NCDFI in serving Indian Country Native CDFI Network Annual Policy Priorities
    1. Establish Partnerships to Grow Impact of these 4 Federally Funded Agencies in Indian Country