Nominate Yourself or a Peer for the Policy Committee

The Native CDFI Network seeks interested and committed members for our Policy Committee. Please use the link below to nominate yourself or a peer for the Committee. We look forward to hearing from you!

Policy & Advocacy Toolkit

As part of our overarching strategy to unite and strengthen the Native CDFI industry, we’ve developed an online Policy & Advocacy Toolkit for you to use to become an active voice for Native communities across the country. The Toolkit is revised frequently and  the latest update will be posted for members soon.

We hope this guide will inspire you to launch or revitalize your Native CDFI’s policy and advocacy program. We encourage Native CDFIs to use networks like ours to build the support and solidarity they need to overcome the challenges faced by their communities and to promote their effectiveness in finding solutions and creating opportunities to long-lasting change for our Native people.