Since we formed in 2009, the Native CDFI Network has been creating opportunities for Native community development financial institutions (CDFIs) to share our stories, identify our collective priorities, and strengthen our industry. Our aim is ensure that Native peoples are represented in the national policy dialogue and to spread the innovative solutions created by CDFIs throughout our Native communities.


Native CDFIs help Native American communities overcome systemic barriers to entrepreneurial success, such as a lack of physical, legal, and telecommunications infrastructure, access to affordable financial products and services, and limited workforce development strategies. The majority of Native communities, 86 percent, lack a single financial institution within their borders to access affordable financial products and services.

Over the last decade, Native CDFIs have proven themselves key in developing healthy, vibrant Native economies and communities. Entering markets normally considered “high-risk,” they help place communities on a path to success – creating businesses, jobs, homeowners, and serving as the catalyst for developing local economies. Their unique programs and services are designed to build financial assets in the low-income populations they serve and provide access to economic opportunities.


As the only national member coalition Native CDFIs in the country, the Native CDFI Network seeks to grow and strengthen Native CDFIs through policy advocacy, capacity building and access to capital that supports the economic prosperity of American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian communities. Our nine-member National Board of Directors voted at our NCN Policy Summit to approve two key policy priorities:

  1. Adequate Capital Access by NCDFIs to Serve Native Peoples
  2. Industry Partnerships & Capacity to Serve Native Peoples & Areas

Read more about the policy goals we’ve established and our plans for carrying them out!


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Building Capacity Webinar NACA TA Session held on Jan 5

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NCN hosts SSBCI CDFI Participation Model discussion Jan. 4th

On Tuesday, January 4th, Native CDFI Network (NCN), Oweesta, Sovereign Council of Hawaiian Homestead Associations, and Clearinghouse CDFI partnered to co-host two webinars for Tribal Nations and Native CDFIs on accessing the State Small Business Credit Initiative...